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Hey.. Long time

Well I'm finally starting to poke my head out again after going through some really tough times.. Thought I'd say hi.. Let's see... what's new... I traded away all my suits minus the TDK Joker... I built my then 6 year old a Bane suit for Halloween last year
Shaved head, and all, cause that's how we roll... lol


And this year, he wants a new Batsuit... So I finally dust off a cowl I made with Hunterbats a few years ago that shrunk too much for an adult... and I have started making him a TDK/Begins hybrid.. hopefully it turns out cool.. I will post progress on that hopefully next week.. Anyways.. great to be back.. hope everyone is doing great-

If you need me, I'll be at home.... yes, you guessed it...washing my tights.
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