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Re: What happened with my trade with Infrno and Mr X

The line gets crossed when you have people say they want something and if you didn't take their money right then, they might not have money later or they might loose interest and you'd loose the sale.


You take the order and you let them pay you in full, but where you failed is not leaving the money in an escrow account until the product is ready to ship.

I'm admittedly hooooooooorible with timelines, and is why I stopped selling. I've got enough commissions going to last me the rest of this year and last year I tried to add in a few things but I kept falling behind.


I don't take a penny for payment until I'm done.
Been very very few excepts that I have ever broken that rule.

That's no excuse but it has helped keep my commissioners happier because I'm not holding their project and their money. And if they ever said they want their stuff back its as easy as a box and postal visit.

In the end I will always always come thru and your project never leaves my studio till I'm satisfied with it and that means you'll be satisfied with it.

I'm not making my living off my studio, not really interested in taking commissions because we are busy remastering the panther, red bird, nightwing red robin and robin suits so we can make a sequal to Batman Deathwish and other than working on projects with close friends I'm very very very happy with the work we are turning out.

so for me its an escape from being the scientist

soon as you make it your living..... all that fades away instantly

So in the most famous line ever


And what’s ten years? Well, it’s roughly how long it takes to put in ten thousand hours of hard practice. Ten thousand hours is the magic number of greatness.
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Re: What happened with my trade (Update Pg 3)

Just wanted to let everyone know the trade is completed. Been kind of busy so haven't been on here much in the last week or two. Got an email the other day from Mr X and then earlier today the rest of the trade showed up. The pull on everything came out pretty decent. Went ahead and emailed Infrno to let him know we've reached closure on the trade as well. Just glad to be done with the trade. Now just have to get some time to get everything mounted and cleaned up. I'll do a separate post for the mounting when I get a chance.

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