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Opinions on 3d printing?

Personally I feel it is too santatized.... I like the organic feel and the hands on approach to making cowls and armor. Obviously some people love it. I guess I am just not on that side. Maybe overtime my mind will change...
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Re: Opinions on 3d printing?

it has its place and its honestly only for big budgets and geometric not organics, otherwise people end up doing organics with to much symmetry and they ends up with a fake look

I've seen amazing things done with it over the last five years in the automotive engineering and prototyping industry

Ironman suits were printed for obvious reasons

most of the TDK suit was printed, including many of the accessories

 I've seen the models for both and they are amazing
I've seen the green lantern model, and thats a great case for why it should have been printed

my mentor did a 2;1 starcraft mech for blizzard and it took almost a year to draw the model before it took three months to print it


it has no business in anything organic IMHO

that someone printed a Begins cowl, but it looked almost exactly like the original, which means they more than likely laser scanned it first.... shows that printing had no business in that piece when it was sculpted from scratching for the original production, has more life and less symmetry than the TDK and looks much more organic because of it

if you were doing a restoration of an original thats degraded beyond the life of being molded safely, then a laser scan and digital repair before printing would be totally justifiable

so as always, everything has its correct use as a tool

proper tool proper job

off the top of my head

And what’s ten years? Well, it’s roughly how long it takes to put in ten thousand hours of hard practice. Ten thousand hours is the magic number of greatness.
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