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Hello to all,

My name is Kev and I wanted to introduce my self and say how excited I am to have found this community!

For years I have always wanted to see if there was someone out there just as crazy as me who would want their own 89 michael keaton batman suit to wear and display. Boy was I amazed what I saw and found here. First and foremost, the work and detail here is amazing. I am starting to get the itch on the TDK suit as well. It is really refreshing to know that their are people out there that truly have a passion in their hobby or trade and have it displayed in a respectable manner in this community.

Thank you again for having creating this forum and I look forward to talking to you all..... who knew it would take me by the age of 30 to know that my childhood dream can come true!!!

If anyone can direct me as to where I can start my path on my 89 suit it would be much appreciative.

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