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Setting the Standard!

As a lead in, you ought to know why I have asked Jeff to close the thread. So there are no comments allowed.
And I am letting you read this first before I post photos so you read the words I wrote, then see how you feel before and after the presentation.

So in order the reasons I am presenting it this way~

The work speaks for itself!

1. I don't need to be praised for this. The commissioner and my inner circle have already taken care of that. And I don't do any of this for the praise I do it for the sheer point of making things as amazing as I can. This is all to show what time, study, practice, and of course money can bring about.

When things go really well, as they did with the Dark Echo, the Nightwing, and now this, I stand strong in that my work can beat that of anything else out there. And yes that includes hero pieces, which is unfair because they are normally flawed.

Lead by example!

2. My work is always meant to inspire you to do more then the normal with your own work. If that happens, and you come away with an amazing piece no matter what it is, then all my bravado and lead by example tones are worth it. If you don't then you need more practice or more passion for your work. I've been making things for almost 7 years and I didn't start out this good, I had to study, practice, fail, redo things countless times before I started to turn out quality pieces.

Slow down and do it right!

3. There is no room in this world for crappy work. If your not going to do it right, then just don't bother because no one really thinks that a POS suit or prop looks good. They are just blowing smoke and that will never help you be better, it only keeps you blind to what you could be doing.

4. Don't settle for what was done, find new and amazing ways to do things. Try materials that no one else has messed with and make them work for you.

5. Don't take anything from anyone else as cannon, take what came before you as a map, but walk the path yourself. I'm never the final word on anything. I merely help were I can to those that will appreciate it and hope you fly higher from there.

6. I DARE YOU TO DO BETTER! Because if you put the effort into it, I bet you that you can~

7. Since no other board is open to free thinking, speaking your mind, and no tolerance of stupidity or jealousy, well this is the only place a thread like this can go~ LOL


The belt was the first thing painted to make sure the
formula was mixed properly. It is of course attached to the torso via velcro at the abs and hip points to make sure the belt sits proper all the time and displays well without any help. Nothing lamer then the belt being crooked. Which it was on the posters for both clooney and for the sonar. L A M E


The cape and cowl are properly fused together just as they were from the studio using both glue and velcro. The cape was made by KB. If you want a pretty accurate and well made cape, he's your man.


The completed torso.



Bodysuit employs the same exact tension chord system
used originally. I prefer the way we do it on the nightwing but this way is slightly easier for one person to suit up in and out of for plumbing needs.


Staging the torso with the finished JV gloves.


Legs finished


Finished armor. Notice that the cape is only blued on the show face and not the interior. Just like the hero, it really does make a big difference in the look when you do it, and you understand why they did it that way.






More photos will come as the commissioner wears it at DC.

This is not a KB body suit and I originally intended to
point out all of the flaws and short comings of this body suit, but that is just to much drama. So I will only say. GET YOUR UNDER SUITS FROM KB! Their ten times better then any other ( :biglol: , because Gabriel no longer makes them for anyone but us) and worth every penny.

The suit is fully bonded to the undersuit without any superglue. Superglue was only used to secure the tips of the wings on the boots, and the fins to the gloves because they refused to hold properly with regular glue.
Superglue for your armor glue down is just a bad idea regardless if its urethane or latex. When done right, even urethane stays bonded to the neoprene properly.

Because I am a bigger critic of my own work then you could ever be, here the list of things that could be done to improve this and top what I did.

1. nipples are pantherish not clooney, so that could be corrected using a different chest.

2. no chest cavity for the emblem, obviously that would help make it slightly more accurate.

3. cowl is a little smaller then the hero, so if you had a copy a little bigger it would allow the emblem to sit just slightly lower.

4. the back muscles need to be foam backed in order to bulk them out to spread them out wider. the armor did not allow for that on this pull. if I had the BD torso I would have made it as it should be for several things.

5. in the back, you need a longer zipper cover that includes the kidney covers as it did on the hero panther. also, had there been a longer period of time to work on this, I would have liked to sculpt the V and arms that cover the back zipper and tension chords so that it runs over the ass and seems everything together. would also prefer the panther cod over this but then its not as accurate of course.

6. the color is 3% different then the original hero color, so I will be working closely with a friend and collector to make it 2% closer then it is now before I paint this color again.

7. lastly the suit needs calf and fore arm armor, which I am working on and that will will help finish out the suit complete.

So, I truelly hope this gets you off your ass up and into the shop where you will finally put together your suit and make it ten times better then the one you see here. If not, then don't claim you have a good suit, because if it doesn't look this good or better, then people are just lieing to you when they say they like it, or they don't know what good looks like~


Here are photos of it being worn. I Love this first one because of the play of colors between blue black and yellow oranges. Not sure who the short bat is, but he needs to bond his cape to that cowl properly. This also shows what a proper pose will do for a suit, and what a bad pose will do to a suit.


and what everyone was doing laying out in the hot Atlanta sun I'll never understand. Bats aren't supposed to have tans or sun burns!! And again, more bats that need to get their capes bonded to the cowl. That's a Reeve's cowl on the bottom right.


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And what’s ten years? Well, it’s roughly how long it takes to put in ten thousand hours of hard practice. Ten thousand hours is the magic number of greatness.
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